Background & Mission


With recent area retirements and sustained economic growth, we need to recruit and train the next generation of Bay Area builders. As the non profit partner of the Building & Construction Trades in the East Bay, CTWI’s direct relationship with the unions has provided us with a deep understanding of each of the 27 apprenticeship training programs (specifically related to the requirements needed to enter, the unique application processes and the hard and soft skills needed to become a successful apprentice). Our expertise in this field has allowed us to support our MC3 pre-apprenticeship training programs in high schools, jails and in local community based organizations. Through our strong partnerships with our pre-apprenticeship programs, we have been able to evaluate their training practices to ensure that they align with the needs of each union apprenticeship program. We offer our MC3 partners support on program design and curriculum development and create lasting connections between training partners and the building trades apprenticeship community, who provide trade specific knowledge, guest lecturers, and tours of their training facilities.

Our Mission

CTWI’s mission is to expand Multi Craft Core Curriculum (MC3) certified pre-apprenticeship programs throughout the East Bay. These pre-apprenticeship programs provide participants with the opportunity to gain the hard and soft skills necessary to be successful in a formal union construction trade apprenticeship program. CTWI is uniquely positioned as the liaison that links supply (labor) with demand (employers). As new construction projects come down the pipeline, we are able to provide timely information to our training partners on job openings and placement of pre-apprentices.

CTWI strives to support the next generation of builders that reflect the diversity of our community, by creating opportunities for women, people of color, economically disadvantaged, local residents, veterans and the formerly incarcerated. Through our partnerships with our training programs, we seek to meet recruitment goals set in our Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) to ensure inclusivity. CTWI has proven to be a necessary part of the pipeline because of our relationships with the building trades, employees and employers and our deep understanding of the construction trades industry.