Current Projects

CTWI’s strong relationships with our local Building Trades Councils, Workforce Development Boards, Joint Labor Management Apprenticeship Programs, Contractors, Corrections Partners, and approved MC3 Pre-Apprenticeship programs has enabled us to join forces on innovative grant funded projects to develop partnerships and pipelines that ensure connections to, and entry into, state-approved union construction apprenticeships.


See below for a list of current projects and descriptions that we are working on.

1) Oakland Builders Network (WAF 7.0) NEW!


Description: CTWI is tasked to bring together business, education, labor, and workforce organizations to ensure that Oakland residents from underrepresented backgrounds and/or with other barriers to employment (e.g. justice-involved, long-term unemployed,low-income, disconnected youth, and other target populations) have opportunities to participate in the (re)building of construction projects taking place in their city, particularly major public, private, and infrastructure-related construction projects.


  • Grant Partner: Oakland Workforce Development Board
  • Grant Start Date: April 2019
  • Grant Duration: 18 months


2) Connecting Immigrant Workers to Unionized Trades (WAF 7.0) NEW!


Description: CTWI is tasked to offer strategies, resources, and best practices to employers, unions, apprenticeship and workforce development programs, to address the perceived and actual barriers to employment for an immigrant labor force. Clarify legal challenges and options for immigrant job-seekers and outline strategies for employers and workforce development systems to address these challenges as they relate to employment in construction programs. Align worker barriers and needs, workforce development programs, and construction unions resources to address labor gaps in this industry.


  • Grant Partner: Spanish Speaking Unity Council
  • Grant Start Date: April 2019
  • Grant Duration: 18 months


3) Pre-Apprenticeship for the Clean Economy (WAF 7.0) NEW!


Description: CTWI is tasked to bring together experts and innovators in renewable energy, construction, workforce development, and the building trades. Together, we will explore the question – how can labor lead the way in the climate transition? How can we work together to ensure that low-income workers who face difficult employment prospects have a pathway into high-quality jobs in the clean energy economy, leveraging California’s shift to renewable energy to build economic opportunity for all?


  • Grant Partner: Rising Sun Center for Opportunity
  • Grant Start Date: April 2019
  • Grant Duration: 18 months


4) Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Pipeline for Ex-offenders

Description: CTWI is tasked to develop a Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Pipeline for underrepresented communities, the incarcerated, the formerly incarcerated, along with those individuals with criminal records situated in Santa Rita County Jail. CTWI will assist individuals who strive to enter apprenticeship programs in order to be gainfully employed in the construction trades industry. Additionally, CTWI will broker relationships between labor unions, employers and community organizations to fulfill job placement needs and provide financial and program support.


  • Grant Partner: Alameda Workforce Development Board
  • Grant Start Date: February 2019
  • Grant Duration: 11 months


5) Math Test Prep/Orientation and Awareness of Union Construction Trades


Description: CTWI is tasked to support the Math for the Trades Test Prep Course in program design and curriculum development. Provide information relating to application dates and testing requirements, coordinate trades speakers and tours of halls and support with placement into apprenticeship programs.  


  • Grant Partner: Oakland Adult Career and Education
  • Grant Start Date: January 2019
  • Grant Duration: 18 months


6) Turner Group Construction Curriculum Design and Development


Description: CTWI is tasked to design and develop a textbook for prospective contractors enrolled in their 10 week program focused on demystifying labor unions and  project labor agreements.


  • Grant Partner: Construction Resource Center
  • Grant Start Date: April 2019
  • Grant Duration: 7 months