How to Support Your Clients

Financial Resources

We understand that completing a 9 to 16-week training program can be a financial burden to some students. Here are some resources that you can share with your students.

  • Stipends for housing, transportation, food, tools, and uniforms from State Grants. 
  • Local Community-Based Organizations that provide housing and food assistance.
  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits for participants enrolled in a State Approved Apprenticeship and participants who recently started attending school or training funded by WIOA. 


Leveraging Workforce Agreements

Many major public and privately funded projects have a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) which requires contractors to create employment opportunities for local residents and/or groups of people who are generally under-represented in the construction trades. These usually apply to newly hired apprentices. 

Many of your clients may meet these requirements and may get priority placement into the unions. Some examples of these requirements are: 

  • MC3 Pre-Apprenticeship Graduate
  • Local Residency where the PLA is established
  • Women
  • Veterans
  • Criminal Justice System Impacted
  • Graduate of the School District or Community College where the PLA is established

CTWI can help you leverage workforce agreements to connect your clients to union construction trades employment opportunities.

Capacity Building

We are a stronger organization because of our partnerships with community-based organizations, educational institutions and correctional facilities. Through our partnerships, we seek to support and build their capacity and knowledge so that we can collectively educate and guide our communities towards union construction careers. 

We provide our partners with:

  • Staff training
  • Client workshops
  • Written resources and toolkits 
  • Technical assistance for new and existing projects
  • Connection and placement support into union construction careers