Connecting Opportunity Youth to Postsecondary Credentials and Careers 

April 30, 2020


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Oakland Schools Go Back to the Future With Vo-Tech

Oakland Magazine, Joyce Tsai, February 2019


Oakland has revitalized its vocational tech programs, recognizing that the “college-for-all” craze failed to train youth for well-paying, skilled-trades jobs.

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Skilled Labor Workers Needed in Oakland

KCBS Radio, September 2018


As Oakland continues to experience a boom in local development, there are more skilled labor jobs that need to be filled. KCBS Radio’s Carrie Hodousek reports from a job fair Monday at the West Oakland Neighborhood Career Center.


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Reentry and Employment for the Formerly Incarcerated and the Role of American Trades Unions

NELP, April 2016


This policy brief explores the effect of under- and un-employment on the formerly incarcerated and how the expertise and structure of American trades unions could provide critical training programs inside and outside of prisons and jails.


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