Our Services

Our Services


Provide Workshops and ongoing program support covering:

  • How to create pathways into union construction careers
  • How to navigate and enter union construction careers
  • How to build strong partnerships between MC3 pre-apprenticeships, employers, and union apprenticeship training programs 
  • How to become a signatory union contractor
  • How to understand and work effectively under a Project Labor Agreement/Community Workforce Agreement (PLA/CWA)


  •  Evaluate client’s capacity to become an MC3 pre-apprenticeship program
  • Expand, authorize and help new training partners become MC3 certified
  • Adapt and supplement client’s existing curriculum to meet MC3 requirements
  •  Support with implementation planning, asset mapping, and program logistics
  • Train and support MC3 instructors

DIRECT SERVICES – Build organizations’ capacity to teach curriculum and/or provide classroom instructors in these areas:

  • Test Preparation (Math for the Trades, Mechanical Reasoning and Spatial Relations)
  • Interview and Job Readiness Preparation
  • Labor History (MC3 curriculum component)
  • Unpacking Project Labor Agreements


  • Connect employers and qualified job-seekers
  • Connect clients to employers and union apprenticeship training programs through:
    •  Workshops
    • Trades fairs
    • Tours of the apprenticeship halls
    • Networking events


  • Collaborate with apprenticeship training programs to establish formal agreements to expedite placement for MC3 graduates
  • Work with the Alameda and Contra Costa Building Trades Councils to ensure PLAs/CWAs expand employment opportunities for MC3 graduates from underrepresented communities
  • Increase stakeholder capacity to meet hiring goals for targeted communities set in PLAs/CWAs